Depending on skin type, people react differently to sunlight. When tanning Skin Types natural sunlight and on
tanning beds, it's important to know your own particular skin type in order to tan correctly. Find out what your
skin type is by referring to the list below:

Skin types around the world have been classified into six different groups.
Skin type I:
Usually bright white or pale skin, blue or green eyes, red hair and many freckles.
This skin type always burns, never tans and should avoid tanning indoors or outdoors.

Skin type II:
Beige skin, blue or grey eyes; blonde or light brown hair and some freckles.
This skin type has a strong tendency to sunburn, but sometimes tans.

Skin type III:
Light brown skin, brown eyes and hair.
This skin type sometimes burns but always tans.

Skin type IV:
Light brown or olive skin, dark brown eyes and hair.
This skin type sometimes burns and tans readily.

Skin type V
Brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes.
This skin type rarely burns and tans easily.

Skin type VI
Black skin, black-brown eyes and hair.
This skin type rarely sunburns.

Notice: Read the mandatory FDA warning label on every tanning machine for important information on
potential eye injury, skin cancer, skin aging and photosensitive reaction and proper use. Compliant, protective
eyewear must be worn when using any indoor tanning device or system.
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What's Your Skin Type?